I’ve been a visual artist since 2005; I reside and work as a fine arts teacher at The Public School in Milan;
I am a visual artist who represents 3Dimentional space through a bridge between intervention and meditation.
In addition to my degrees: BA/MA in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, I have practical knowledge and professional experience in:

  • Experimenting with different kinds of materials
  • Paper-mache as a productive way in scenography
  • Techniques in marble sculpting
  • Techniques of chasing and bronze casting
  • Casting molds

My first creative adventures started when I was twenty in the Carnival of Viareggio Studios where I developed technical skills, propensity for the grotesque and the irreverence about what is considered superior or sacred. For my creations, I prefer urban environments that are in direct contact with the social fabric. In the research phase, I get very envolved with the socio-political context, I gather information, then elaborate on those to use, projecting my message. I am seeking the type of communication which transmits information with any other interlocutor and i’m interested in sharing a simple and clear message that can reach everyone, everywhere .In fact, my works have the same aim: to trigger positive reactions in the viewer making him an active participant in the fruition of my work. So far, I have traveled to several countries, including South Africa, Spain, United States, Austria, Ireland in which I have been a participant in Artist Residencies. Cognitive Works involving new cultures, collaborating with local artists based on geographical and social-political conditions. These all are favorite aspects in my personal and artistic growth. Now and 4ever.