Maker, this is us “do-it-yourselfers” of the next generation.
and the Make Munich is our festival!
Everyone can take part and experience the unbelievable variety of themes.

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Maker Community Festival


Wörld Champignon-Chips Hebocon

Sunday 2 pm - The biggest scrap robot fight of all time

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Programme at Make Munich

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Great Kids Workshop Area

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Especially for the little tinkerers there is a whole area in the "Kohlebunker" only with workshops. Explore, tinker, try your hand at it: MINT Campus Dachau e.V. The MINT Campus…

Make Munich program is online

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The Make Munich 2019 program is complete and online: Have a look: Workshops Talks Hebocon at Sunday  

Now in two halls

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Make Munich 2019 will be bigger than ever: Together with our partner and maker supporter ALLNET GmbH, we will add in the neighbouring "Kohlenbunker" hall in addition to the Zenith…

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Make Munich Topic Areas

Digitale Transformation, Industrie 4.0, Smart City, Smart House
Innovative Elektronic
Microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
Quadcopter, do-it-yourself robot, programming
Virtual Reality
Argumented Reality
Building virtual worlds and exploring them live
From maker to entrepreneur, start-up consulting, market check, crowd funding, prototype construction
CNC machines, laser cutters, tools, accessories, manufacturer platforms
3D Print
Scanning, printing, printing accessories, filaments
Community & FabLabs
Open workshops, open source, repair culture
Wearables & Fashtech
Fashion & Technology, Portable IoT Devices, Quantified-Self
Radio & Space
Amateur radio, free radio, space travel, satellites
Design & Handwerk
Products & Furniture, Design Thinking, Craftsmanship
Biohacking / Citizen Science
self-construction laboratory, bacteria, experiments, research
Green Maker
Recycling, Environmental Sensors, Urban Gardening, Ecology, Building Projects, Energy
Food and drink, new food, brewing beer
Food and drink, new food, brewing beer
Musik & Kunst
digital art, self-built synthesizer, performances
Tiny Houses, self-catering living space, 3D print architecture
Upcycling, Accessories, Sewing, Printing, Repair
Children & Education
Education and Technology Competence Promotion, MINT, STEAM

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