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Make Munich No. 4 was a huge success

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Munich, 8.5.2017. 130 exhibitors, over 70 workshops and 40 lectures – the 4th Make Munich showed that the Maker movement is as broad and diverse as never before and was able to present numerous new trends of the scene. Approximately 8,000 visitors and participants gathered information about the latest developments in 3D printing, IoT, microcontrolling, rapid prototyping, open knowledge, virtual reality and the latest phenomena of the scene such as biohacking and Citizen Science. Visitors especially praised the good atmosphere and the variety of exhibitors with a well-balanced mixture of introductory topics and ambitious visions to touch.
The new Quadcopter Area, in which drones could be flown, enjoyed great popularity.

Noteworthy that companies such as Infineon, Intel and Audi had long since discovered the huge potential of the maker scene and were represented at the fair with large stands, as were electronics retailer Conrad and other industry giants, as well as numerous start-ups that were able to finance ideas by crowdfunding.
The main sponsors of Make Munich in 2017 were Allnet and BrickRKnowledge.

With topics such as design & crafts, creativity & art, sustainability & food makers and many interdisciplinary and visionary projects Make Munich also achieves a different perception. While at the first Make Munich events the percentage of male makers and participants was almost 90% and women were more of an exotic minority, the gender ratio in the scene in 2017 has risen to 50:50. Never before have there been so many female makers at the fair.

The fair also became a real family event. For the kids, there were numerous workshops, from soldering courses to robot tinkering to virtual reality simulations, which inspired the next generation.

In the evening program, the competition of homemade robots, the Hebocon, once again provided great enthusiasm and was a real highlight of the fair.

The numerous talks on various topics of the maker scene were well attended. Highlights of the program can be seen again on the in-house Make Munich Youtube Channel (

Make Munich short info:

What: South Germany’s largest Maker and Do It Yourself Festival

When. When? Sat/Sun 6th + 7th May 2017

Where: Zenithhalle, Lilienthallee 29, 80939 Munich, Germany

What is Make Munich:
Is the annual Munich Maker and Do-it-Yourself Festival. The aim of the event is to give the maker scene of developers, inventors, designers and artists a platform for presentation and networking, and to give visitors outside these circles access to new technologies, workshops and possibilities for democratizing the means of production.
As a festival “by makers for makers”, the organization of Make Munich is largely supported by the Munich maker community. Since 2015, the newly founded Make Germany GmbH has provided Make Munich with a firm business and organisational framework. The Make Germany GmbH is a Social Enterprise, which is dedicated to the promotion and networking of the maker scene.

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