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February 2019

Great Kids Workshop Area

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Especially for the little tinkerers there is a whole area in the “Kohlebunker” only with workshops.
Explore, tinker, try your hand at it:

MINT Campus Dachau e.V. The MINT Campus Dachau (MCD) is a student research centre in the middle of Dachau.
VARIOBOT – Roboterbausätze zum Experimentieren The biologically inspired robots varikabi and varikabo can be built directly on our stand. Finally, you can bring your little robot animal to life, test it on different courses and take it home.
Fab Lab Erfindergarden München Erfindergarden is a Fab lab/youth center for children and teenagers in Munich.
Lötworkshops bei Watterott electronic
Wunderwuzzi Roboter Toothbrush robots build for children from 6 years
FabLab Oberland – Workshop etc. für Kinder At our stand you can create your own individual souvenir of the fair: embroider your (brought along) T-shirt yourself with a “make munich” logo or a self-designed motif.
Roboter-Workshop – Bau deinen Hebocon Roboter! You want to join the Hebocon on Make-sunday? But you don’t have a robot? No problem! Visit our workshops on saturday or sunday morning and create your own.
3D-Steckpuzzle für Kinderhände wooden toys cut from 3mm plywood with a lasercutter.