That was Make Munich 2017 – the most comprehensive Make Munich ever. 130 exhibitors, more than 70 workshops and 44 lectures on two stages awaited you. Since 2014 Make Munich has grown into a festival for future to touch. With areas like the virtual reality area, where you can play with everything, the biohacking / citizen science area and a lot of music projects at creativity, arts & sound, we set the focus and bring future developments to the festival. Newcomers and experienced inventors meet here. We offer the annual platform for the meeting of the scene in Southern Germany.

130 exhibitors

44 talks

70 workshops

8000 visitors

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Quadcoper zone

Maker Community Festival

By the way, I really liked your fair. Also the spirit and the mix of people. It's something so pleasantly different from what you're used to, than such a hermetic designer cluster.
The nice thing is that you can actually talk to the engineers and technology freaks as a designer quite well, and also perceive your own profession in the mix much more than something useful, wherever the potential exactly may lie that is definitely in there.

Hannes, a Munich Designer

The Make Munich was the ideal stage for us to interact with potential customers, interested makers and professional networkers. The show provided us with unexpected insights into required content and potential USPs. We were even able to get an initial price acceptance and clearly evaluate our customer benefits.

Richard Haymerle, Team Leader of OPEN.UP

As you can see, the trade fair is really popular. And we think that this is a sign of the times. Many people want to improve something. They want to change something as a counter-movement to our throw-away society.

Caro Matzko, Arte Xenius Magazine

Make Munich No. 4 was a huge success

130 exhibitors, over 70 workshops and 40 talks – the 4th Make Munich showed that the maker movement is as broad and diverse as never before and was able to present numerous new trends of the scene. Approximately 8,000 visitors and participants informed themselves about the latest developments in 3D printing, IoT, microcontrolling, rapid prototyping, open knowledge, virtual reality as well as the latest phenomena of the scene such as biohacking and citizen science. Visitors especially commended the good atmosphere and the variety of exhibitors with a well-balanced mixture between starter topics and ambitious visions to touch.

The new Quadcopter Area, in which drones could be flown, enjoyed great popularity.

Remarkably, groups such as Infineon, Intel and Audi have already discovered the huge potential of the maker scene and were represented at the fair with large stands as well as electronics retailer Conrad and other industry giants and numerous start-ups that could finance ideas by crowdfunding.

The main sponsors of Make Munich in 2017 were Allnet and BrickRKnowledge.

With topics such as design & crafts, creativity & art, sustainability & food makers and many interdisciplinary, visionary projects, Make Munich also achieves a different public awareness. While at the first Make Munich events the proportion of male makers and participants was almost 90% and women were rather an exotic minority, the gender ratio in the scene in 2017 has risen to 50:50. Never before have there been so many female makers at the fair.

The fair has also developed into a real family event. There were numerous workshops for the kids, from soldering courses to robot tinkering to virtual reality simulations, which delighted the youngsters.

In the evening program, the competition of homemade robots, the Hebocon, once again provided great enthusiasm and was a real highlight of the fair.

The numerous lectures on various topics of the maker scene were well attended. Highlights of the program can be watched again on the Make Munich Youtube Channel.

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Make Munich 2017 – Robot fight
Vivek Kulkarni

A tour through Make Munich 2017, who is your favourite exhibitor?

KoneMedia at Make Munich 2017

Digital transformation, digitalization, Industrie 4.0, Smart City, Smart House
Innovative electronics
Microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
Quadrocopter, DIY robots, programming
Virtual Reality
Argumented Reality
Building virtual worlds and exploring them live
From maker to entrepreneur, production support, market check, customer tie, Crowd Funding, prototyping
CNC maschines, laser cutter, tools and appliances
3D printing
Scanning, printing accessories, filaments
Community spaces & FabLabs
public workshops, open source, repair culture
Wearables & Fashtech
Fashion & Technology, portable IoT devices, quantified-self
Radio & wireless
CB, LoRaWAN, free wireless and mesh networks
Products, furniture, design thinking, crafting
Biohacking / Citizen Science
DIY labs, cell cultures, experiments, cyborgs
Green Maker
Urban gardening, ecology, construction, energy, environmental sensors
Food and beverages, nutrition, beer, snacks
Music and visual arts
Digital arts, games, DIY synthesizer, performances
Tiny houses, self-construction housing space, 3D printed architecture
Upcycling, accessories, silk printing, repair culture
Students & Children, promoting technology skills, STEAM