Great Kids Workshop Area

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Especially for the little tinkerers there is a whole area in the “Kohlebunker” only with workshops.
Explore, tinker, try your hand at it:

MINT Campus Dachau e.V. The MINT Campus Dachau (MCD) is a student research centre in the middle of Dachau.
VARIOBOT – Roboterbausätze zum Experimentieren The biologically inspired robots varikabi and varikabo can be built directly on our stand. Finally, you can bring your little robot animal to life, test it on different courses and take it home.
Fab Lab Erfindergarden München Erfindergarden is a Fab lab/youth center for children and teenagers in Munich.
Lötworkshops bei Watterott electronic
Wunderwuzzi Roboter Toothbrush robots build for children from 6 years
FabLab Oberland – Workshop etc. für Kinder At our stand you can create your own individual souvenir of the fair: embroider your (brought along) T-shirt yourself with a “make munich” logo or a self-designed motif.
Roboter-Workshop – Bau deinen Hebocon Roboter! You want to join the Hebocon on Make-sunday? But you don’t have a robot? No problem! Visit our workshops on saturday or sunday morning and create your own.
3D-Steckpuzzle für Kinderhände wooden toys cut from 3mm plywood with a lasercutter.

Now in two halls

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Make Munich 2019 will be bigger than ever: Together with our partner and maker supporter ALLNET GmbH, we will add in the neighbouring “Kohlenbunker” hall in addition to the Zenith hall this year.

On Saturday, the motto will be: Maker meets Pro! when ALLNET’s ICT Area will be opened to Make Munich visitors.


Call for Makers has started

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You’re tinkering in your garage? You sew in the studio? You solder in makerspace? You reinvent the world in Fablab? Register with your project for Make Munich and reserve your free booth now.

Jetzt dein Projekt anmelden
Mark your calendar for 2. and 3. March 2019 when the 5. Make Munich takes place in Zenith in Munich. This year we go for spring, more space outside and second hall together with our sponsor Allnet. We are expecting you and at least 10,000 visitors at the biggest maker festival in Southern Germany.

We are currently looking for innovative, ecologically aware, technology-loving makers who will show off their culture and technology and offer makers booths, space to hold workshops, and different platforms for talks and presentations. And it’s free off charge for Makers, NGOs and early Start-ups.

You are a Maker

Your proxies fits in to the topic of Robotics / IoT / Elektronics / Fashtech & Wearables / Virtual & Agumented Reality / Music & Digital Art / Green Makers & Circular Economy / DIY, Upcycling & Repair Culture / Urban Gardening / Architecture – Tiny houses / Crafts & Design / Biohacking / Citizen Science / Young Makers & Education? Our focus this year is on ideas that make the world a better place.

“Count me in! Now what?”

Take 10 minutes and apply with filling out that questionnaire at Make Munich Participants!
This is our new platform for the makers. Here you can submit your project and keep it updated. The information will help us to plan the festival and to support your booth, workshop or talk in the best possible way.

Deadline for application is 31. December 2018. We will get in touch around a week after with results, plans and next steps.