Low Tech Robots Fight It Out in Sumo Style

Robofights are often a deadly serious undertaking. So it is time to focus on the fun and play of tinkering. On the evening of the first Make Munich day (6th May 2017) it’s going to kick-off in the hall as Team Schmiede prepares Hebocon for the 2nd time. Come and join in by registering your “robot”. We’re looking forward to seeing rolling volcanos, cats, fir cones and snow shovels. There is only one rule – whatever you bring, it has to move! We’re looking forward to seeing you there.


Saturday, 6th May 2017 starting 8:30 pm

You Saturday festival pass includes the Hebocon. Tickets purchased Saturday after 6 pm cover full Sunday festival.


A Hebocon is a Japanese robot-fighting competition that is primarily focused on fun and grandiose robot designs, putting technical finesse in second place. In fact, too much technical finesse actually results in a loss of points in the competition! Robots are limited to 50cm x 50cm, less than 1kg in weight and may not possess any kind of weapons system. Otherwise, just about everything is allowed that will cause a watching public to cheer. The goal: exactly as in a regular Sumo ring, you need to push your opponent out of the ring to win.

The great Hebocon fight

Register your team here

Do you want to build your own Hebocon robot and test your skills in the ring? Then prepare yourself to be tested with your very own creation. Simply register yourself using the above link. Further details are available from: hebocon@make-munich.de


As long as your creation moves, it’s considered to be a robot!
For the judging your robot receives points according to design and victory as follows:

  • Randomly moving or not remotely-controlled robots: 10 points
  • Simply controlled robots (e.g. switch turning motor on/off): 6 points
  • Remote controlled robots (e.g. like an RC car): 4 points
  • Physical intervention in the fights results in a 2-4 point penalty.

The hosts

“Die Schmiede” is the anual media culture festival of Hallein near Salzburg Austria. Hebocon-experienced Schmiede-Tinkerlab Team travels to Munich only to host the event and keeps an eye on the regulations.