The greatest scrap robot fight of all time !

Sunday, March 3, 2019
2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Your Sunday ticket (*) is valid for
for the Hebocon in Hall 2

On March 3, 2019 around 2 pm we will join forces for the biggest Hebocon you have ever seen! The Make Munich and the Munich Science & Fiction Festival – art and science are organizing for the first time in the Kohlebunker/Freimann the scrap robot fight of superlatives: The >Wörld Champignon-Chips Hebocon<!

The Hebocon is a low-tech robot fight in Sumo wrestling style, invented by Daijū Ishikawa 2015 and held for the first time in Tokyo/Japan. A competition in which robots with moderate – to no technical abilities at all – from everyday and throwaway objects can be made together and finally compete against each other. The worse the better!

It is not about technical sophistication or winning, but about tinkering, having fun and generally inventing senseless equipment. By the way, you should push your opponents off the table as fast as possible. Especially untalented master builders are very welcome – for technically too mature Robos there is even a point deduction! So don’t bother, because as soon as your craftwork moves, it’s already a robot!

There are hardly any rules, but you should pay attention to a few when building your scrap robot:

The robots may be a maximum of 50×50 cm, weigh a maximum of 1 kg and contain no weapon systems. Otherwise, anything that is fun is allowed!

Now you’re probably already digging around in your apartment and want to start building and apply with your robot? Let’s go – you can register yourself, your robot and your crew right here:


As soon as your handicraft moves, it’s a robot!
The robots get points for each victory, depending on the type:
* Randomly applied / uncontrolled robots: 10 points
* Simply controlled robots (e.g. motor can be switched on and off via switch): 6 points
* Remote-controlled robots (based on model cars): 4 points
For interventions in the fight there is a deduction of 2-4 points.

Of course we also have some nice prices for you !
The winners can look forward to the following:

1st place: The big, golden – extremely smelly – athlete’s foot (quite big)

2nd place: The medium smelling, silver athlete’s foot (medium large)

3rd place : The hardly smelling rust fungus with a pinch of perfume (very small)

The organizers

Organizer of the Wörld Champignon-Chips Hebocon is the Munich Science & Fiction Festival – art and science.

Organization : Ronit Wolf
with moderation: Anja Neukamm, Pascale Ruppel, Dirk Wagner, linesman: Nathan Bechhofer, jury: Ann Lang and Andre Eckert and many more. (!)


(*): What is meant is the following: Someone who takes the trouble to build a Hebocon robot should not pay admission. From this follows: If someone is alone, he gets a weekend ticket to Make Munich. Teams with 2 or more team members get 2 weekend tickets. Makers, exhibitors etc. who already have a stand and therefore exhibitor tickets will not get any additional tickets.