We have developed a revolutionizing new surfskate truck that does not require any rubber or springs and no longer has to be adjusted to the weight of the rider or the riding characteristics. Thanks to the new joint kinematics, gravity is the restoring force; the truck is therefore self-regulating. Light or heavy riders, fast descents or radical turns, everything is now possible in a controlled and spontaneous manner.

Due to the patented 4-joint suspension, this trailing Surf-Skate / Carving Ache is extremely well suited for pumping, i.e. you no longer need to push the board off with your feet, but can elegantly drive and accelerate through the body swing as while surfing or snowboarding, even uphill.
After the successfully financed Kickstarter campaign in autumn 2016 we received the ISPO Brand New Award as Finalist 2017.  Since October 2017 we sell exclusively sell online.

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