I create unique art objects, based on the aesthetics of the 19th century and today’s Steampunk genre.

Steampunk is an Alternative Reality story. The term (coined only in the late 1980s) represents a multimedia genre, with its roots in the literature of the 19th and early 20th Century. It relies heavily on the influence of the works of authors such as Jules Verne and HG Wells, who described futuristic yet fantastic worlds, marked by curious adventurers and technological inventions.

Essentially, Steampunk can be described as a mixture of science fiction and adventure novels.

The 19th Century is the time of the Industrial Revolution. The steam engine experienced its heyday and forms the cornerstone for all subsequent industrial development. Mechanical movements are brought to the peak of their precision. It also marks the reign of Queen Victoria in England (known as the Victorian era). Classicism and historism newly interpret earlier art styles. As of 1900, elements of Art Nouveau are also influential.

The spirit of this time and the related history is definitive for the genre, which is now no longer limited to literature; instead branching out into a complex multimedia and cultural ensemble. Steampunk music, festivals, concerts, art, exhibitions and computer games all currently thrive alongside the more traditional printed works.

The aesthetic of the genre captivates through the fusion of old and new – the combination of asynchronicity. Steampunk is an opportunity to live out the fantasy, creating new objects in antique form. The resulting works are unique and rarely reproducible. Craftsmanship, authentic materials, creativity and innovation lead to interesting and compelling artifacts that stand apart from the uniform mass production of modern times and afford the viewer the opportunity to lose themselves in his or her own fantasy…