wildchild innovations e.V. is a boutique facilitation agency, which fosters the human side of innovation. Our purpose is to nurture creativity and play and to help people reignite and develop their natural ability to explore and to shape the world.

Our role as social architects of innovation is to create the environment for collaborative problem-solving, where individuals combine their expertise, talents and passions, form strong teams of co-creators and build a community. Our customer base is as colorful as we are: We help big corporations, start-ups, students as well as children unfold their full creative potential.

Our workshops and programs serve as ‘creative labs’, where our participants develop the metaskills for the digital and robotic age. Each workshop is a unique experience especially tailored to the needs of our customers.

At MakeMunich, wildchild will conduct two workshop open to both childern and adults:

Saturday, 2:00 – 3:30pm Rapid prototyping
Sunday, 11am-12:30pm Cool Tools and Creativity

Our participants will be encouraged to start thinking with their hands, rapidly build ideas and experiment with materials and colors.

Join us and set your creativity free!